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Diamond Events!
Marriage CV

Marriage CV


First 20 membership absolutely FREE on a First Come First Serve basis. Limited Offer Only!

Before applying, applicants MUST read the Information Guide, to ensure you fulfil the eligibility criteria and are aware of the process.



What is needed?

  • 1st Membership Form (Bio-Data) – Brief Information (One Page)
  • 2nd Membership Form – Full Details
  • 2 Pictures
  • £20 Membership Fee



Diamond Events Marriage Process

When a complete 2 Forms with Picture (hard copy) is handed to us at our office 82 Cambridge Heath Road, London E1 5QJ, this will be filed away into our secured folder. A fee of £20 will be charged at this point. We will then only put the 1st Application Form (Bio-Data) into our Portfolio for other potential marriage prospects to see (No Picture will be viewable at this point).


Note: Members can only view Bio-data of future potentials in our office, nothing will be available online!


Future Potentials (Only Members) can come into our office and request to view the 1st application (Bio-Data) of any member (NO PICTURE). If the Future Potential likes what they see in credentials, and wants to pursue further, a fee of £5 will be charged and the application of both members will be taken out of the portfolio (No other customers will be able view this Bio-Data).

They will now be able to view the picture and read the second application form (contact details will not be disclosed).

Note: No fees will be charged to the other side as they are not the ones progressing with the application.

If the Future Potential is satisfied with their potential partner’s credentials/bio-data, we will contact the other family (mahram) and provide them with the future potentials bio-data and picture.

Note: No REFUND will be given if the potential family rejects/does not progress with the proposal. Both bio-data will be put back into the portfolio.

If satisfied, and they want to also progress, we will hand each family their mahrams contact details. We will then disable the accounts of both members and let both families speak to each other. Inshallah we will also make Du’a that it becomes successful and becomes a beautiful marriage.

Note: Diamond Events will not be involved in any talks between both families, when both families are given each other’s contact details.

If talks fail and Diamond Events is notified, there will be NO REFUND given to the family who initially progressed with the marriage. Both members can be re-instated into our portfolio again viewable for other future potentials.


(Please EMAIL one soft copy of Bio-Data and application form with picture to our email address)


Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals MUST be Muslim.
  • This is open to both brothers and sisters of Islam.
  • Applicant’s state of health will be considered in the application process
  • Applicants who do not fulfil all the applications criteria will not be considered.


Application Procedure

To apply for prospective marriage applicants must complete and submit an application form. You may download, print out and complete the application form and return to Diamond Events Team Member at our office and email your application to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Applicants must read the Application form very carefully before filling in the application to ensure you are filling in questions correctly and meet the deadline as stated. Once completed, applicants will be eligible for marriage prospects.


Please note Diamond Events has the right to demand any paperwork necessary to aid and confirm your application. Misleading information is of serious matter and may lead to withdrawal of your application.


Incomplete application form

Applications MUST be complete to be valid. We will not inform you whether your application is complete, nor contact you for missing documents. Please complete all relevant fields. Where a question does not apply to you please note as N/A (Non Applicable). Do not provide information on separate sheets unless specified.

Presentation of application

Please ensure that all information is TYPED (Hand written will be considered if neat). It is in the applicant's interest to complete the application form as neatly as possible to help with the selection and assessment process.



When handing in the application. Please provide us with 2 pictures, of the person whom intends to get married, which is clearly visible and does not have anybody else in the picture. 

Before posting your application, please re-read the application carefully for accuracy and ensure you keep a copy for your own reference.

When sending your applications by email, please send with the subject heading:-






(Attach 2 pictures, Bio-Data Form and Main Application Form)


Terms and conditions

  • The period of time the membership is for 1 year and will have to be renewed immediately. Renewal fee of £20.
  • Please note that when requested applicants are required to show originals (not photocopies) of transcripts and documents submitted in evidence with their application, and present these to Diamond Events, if there is any question of authenticity. If, after checking, Diamond Events discovers any documents that are NOT 100% genuine, the applicant’s award will immediately be invalidated and withdrawn.
  • Diamond Events has the right to demand any paperwork necessary to aid and confirm your application.
  • Misleading information is of serious matter and may lead to withdrawal of your application.
  • Diamond Events reserves the right to make reasonable changes to this contract at any time and will advise valid scholars if this occurs, as and when required.

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